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Our vision

Every child literate for life.

Our Mission

Opening windows of aspiration in children through reading.


We teach.

Since January 2014, ReadAble has been running weekly reading and language arts classes for children ages 2 to 15 in a neighbourhood in the Chin Swee area. We started out teaching in children’s homes, but have grown to occupy classrooms in the Residents’ Committee Centre.

We teach a phonics-based curriculum to our earliest readers and deliver a programme which complements the primary school syllabus for those who have mastered the basics of reading. We use drama, movement and play to draw out a love for reading, build self-confidence, and encourage creativity.

We build.

ReadAble has built a community library of over a thousand books for our kids to freely access books at every reading level throughout the week. We also organise educational excursions to plays and museums, as well as connect kids’ families with community resources, such as school supply donations and workshops by professional educators. Through our BookDrop project, we set up conducive study spaces and mini-libraries in kids’ homes.

We mentor.

Apart from our classes every Saturday, some volunteers run one-on-one classes with children in their homes across the week forming deep relationships with families. We also started a class teaching the predominantly migrant mothers of our students, functional English to navigate life in Singapore. 



Every child loved.

We believe that children thrive in love. We are committed to forming lasting relationships with them as teachers and mentors. Each child’s progress is closely monitored and classes are tailored to meet their learning styles. We recognise that our children weather challenges such as parental incarceration or family violence, and we strive to support them.

Every family partnered.

Family support is crucial to a child’s success. We work alongside families to reinforce children's learning at home. We seek to understand our children’s home life and we engage parents with routine updates on their children’s progress.

Every volunteer empowered.

ReadAble is entirely volunteer-led and run, and we are serious about equipping our people. We run regular training sessions on topics from phonics to classroom management and how toxic stress affects child development. We constantly refine our methods based on research and best practices.

Everyone a community.

We seek to build an inclusive community that encourages children's diverse aspirations and engages everyone with empathy. We have a flat volunteer structure led by our Co-founders and Core Team who form friendships with children and their families. Together, we work to eradicate social inequality. 

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ReadAble Explorers

For preschoolers, 2- to 6-year-olds. Early intervention is essential to closing the learning gap. We work with our Young Explorers on language acquisition, introducing them to phonics through the School of Concepts curriculum. Our preschool classes mix a play-based, child-directed approach with some academic structure to help prepare our students for primary school.

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ReadAble Rangers

For 7- to 12-year-olds. Our primary school-aged students use the Fitzroy curriculum to improve their reading fluency and English comprehension. Our dedicated volunteers tutor each child one-on-one at their own pace. Volunteers also work with children to pick a book every week from our community library to build a love for reading.

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ReadAble Champions

For upper primary to lower secondary school students. These champs have successfully completed the Fitzroy curriculum! They continue to hone their language abilities and self-confidence through reading novels and engaging in creative activities like drama and poetry. We hope they will use the gift of expression to champion causes that they believe in.

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readable Moms

For the caregivers who bring our students to us. Most of our students’ moms are non-Singaporean and speak English as a second language. Some women seek to learn English so they can teach their own children, others are hoping to get jobs. We teach functional English to help these wonderful women better navigate life in Singapore, whatever their personal goals may be.

When children are in an unstable environment, they are subject to intense, chronic stress, called toxic stress, and this affects their development greatly... If we are really committed to lifting up these children, then we must be prepared to offer help on many fronts.
— MICHELLE YEO, Co-founder, ReadAble

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There are a few ways to contribute to ReadAble’s mission of eradicating social inequality: you could volunteer as a teacher, or partner us by running a workshop for our teachers or children, sponsoring resources and educational excursions, or offering your administrative and professional skills.

We've had a wide range of people including lawyers, trained teachers, psychologists, tertiary students, speech therapists, dancers, actresses, entrepreneurs and florists contribute to the ReadAble community. We're open to working with anyone who shares our vision.

We'd also love to see communities like ReadAble in other neighbourhoods. If you’re interested in setting up your own literacy initiative, we are happy to support you through our ReadyAble arm.

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